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2002 World

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PA OCT 2-5


09-13-14:: Again the new car got down the track. Although it was a losing run, it was a 5.41. We are very happy with the way the new car ran this weekend. YAY, again the new car went down the track. Not as good a the first pass, it went  a 5.47 @260, but it didn't smoke the tires. Lets see

what happens later today in the first round. 

YAY, finally the new car

performed. It ran a 5.36 @ 268 mph.

That puts them in the #5 spot. No matter what, they are in the field. The

track needed to be dried and looks like the Alcohol cars will have a shot at it and then a quick turnaround and

run again. We would like to thank all the companies that support Arthur Gallant Racing





09-12-14:: Now the thunder, lightning,rain, tornado warnings, halted the racing for today. The Alcohol cars lost both qualifying sessions for Friday.

Looks like the Alcohol cars are going to be losing a qualifying run

today because of weepers.

09-09-14:: After many weeks off, the team is off to the Pep Boys Carolina Nationals in Charlotte North Carolina Sept. 11-14th. We are hoping the new car gremlins have gone away. The alcohol cars are suppose to run Friday

at 11am and again at 5pm. Check dragracecentral for the results.



NJ AUG 1-3

08.02.14:: Well a 5.52 @264mph just wasn't good enough to get into the field. The new car is starting to turn the corner, just needs some more runs to get it back in the winners circle. We would like to thank the companies that continue to support Arthur Gallant Racing.





We are still singing the new car blues. After sitting in the rain for a day and a half, the car goes out and does a huge wheel stand.

After more rain today, the

track is dried and we are ready for some racing


Today at Atco was a washout

07.30.14:: The guys are off to an Eastern Regional race at Atco Dragway, Atco New Jersey. Everyone is excited because the last run on the new car at Epping New Hampshire was looking good, it was a 5.47. Arthur is hoping the new changes he made in the last week will put them back in the winners circle. The schedule for Atco is Friday Aug 1st runs at 5pm and 7:30pm. Sat's eliminations will be at 5-7-9pm.



07.19.14:: The new car ran a 5.47 in the first round. Even though it was a losing round, the new car is coming around. We will be back in a couple of weeks at Atco Dragway. We would like to thank the companies that continue to support Arthur Gallant Racing.





The Lobster, Steak cookout was a great success. All the

Alcohol teams had a great time. Q1

the new car ran a 5.51. That was the good new, the bad news, there was a hole in the side of the block where a piston came through. The guys had plenty of time and changed the motor.

Then in Q2 the motor was just on the edge and smoked the tires, but we still remained in the field. Today first

round will be at 5pm. Maybe we will get a little luck and get by first round.

For results check www.dragracecentral.com

07.18.14::Thursday's testing was great, no tire smoke and the 60 foot

times were good, progress... Today

is qualifying, so we will see what happens. After qualifying tonight Arthur Gallant Racing and Dan Page Racecars will host a Steak and Lobster cookout for all the Alcohol teams at the Regional race. This is the third annual cookout and it's enjoyed by all the teams.

07.16.14:: Set up day at Epping.

We have been having wild weather around here daily, hopefully it has calmed down today. Tomorrow is testing day, to see if the tweaking has helped the new car. The Alcohol cars have two qualifying runs on Friday at 1 and 6 pm. Check for results on www.dragracecentral.com

07.13.14:: Three successful runs, with no tire smoke. Still needs some tweaking, as the car is down on power. All the equipment was left at the track, as New England Dragway is

our home track and we will be back there in three days. Looking promising

Testing today at New England Dragway today, Arthur needs

more runs to see if he can get the new car to go down the track, to get ready for the Regional race on July18th.






07.05.14:: Progress was made, kind of. The new car qualified for the race, but lost first round as the car smoked the tires again. Things are looking up with the new car, just needs a few more runs to work out the bugs. We would like to thank all the companies that continue to support Arthur Gallant Racing.





The new car again went down the track with a 5.48 @252mph.

That means the new car will be in the show. First round will be later today.

Qual 3 coming up and Arthur is going for it, to see what the

car can handle. For results check


07.04.14:: Woo Hoo in qual 2 the new car got down the track with a 5.46 @258 mph. Great maybe that was the turn around we needed. We'll have another qual run on Saturday at 12:00. Hope we can improve on that time.

Qual 1 didn't start out very good, smoked the tires. Be back later today for qual2

We are having Hurricane Arthur at home, so maybe we will have a Hurricane Arthur in Norwalk

tuning the new car. The new car is totally different than the old car and

there is a learning curve that goes with it. The first chance to see if the changes Arthur has made are going to work out will be Friday at 12:30, then again at 3:30 pm. Check for results at


07.01.14:: Part of the team has reached Summit Motorsports Park.

The rest of the team will show up later. After the last run at Joliet the

engine was hurting, a broken rocker

arm and a burnt head. Repairs were made, also Arthur ended up going to

the Hospital, just an elbow problem.





Joliet, ILL JUNE 26

06.28.14::Today qual 3 was also the

first round of the Jeg's Allstar race.

So Dan smoked the tires against

Randy Meyer. That means he lost the

Jeg's Allstars and also DNQ'd for the

race. I guess the team will move on

to Norwalk Ohio for next weeks National event. Seems the new car needs some more runs on it to figure

it out. We would like to thank all

the companies that support Arthur

Gallant Racing.





06.27.14::Qual 2 went a little better,

a 5.55. Now the new car has four runs

on it. Takes time to figure out the new fuel system. Tomorrow the guys

get to run again.

Gee the new car acts just like the old

car, smoked the tires in qual 1.

Later today they will try again to get

down the track.

06.26.14:: The team is at the Route

66 Raceway in Joliet ILL to compete

at the Route 66 Nationals June 27-29.

While racing at the national event, they will take part in the JEGS ALLstar

speciality race. This race features eight of the best alcohol dragsters in

the country. For racing results check



Debuting the new Dan Page Race

Cars build A/Fuel Dragster



JUNE 13-14


06.14.14:: On the Q2 the car ran a

5.59, so it's very consistent, but failed to make the field for this race.

Missed the field by .009.

The guys will come home and look

over the data and get ready for the

Chicago race. The team will be representing the Eastern Region for

the Jegs All Stars.

We would like to thank all the companies that support

Arthur Gallant Racing





Success..the brand new

car made it down the track with a

5.58. Arthur needs to tweak it a bit

but we are very happy with the first

pass on the car.

Rain...Rain...Rain, so today's qualifying was cancelled until

Saturday at 11:30 and 3:00pm


It's going to be a very tough weekend

A brand new car, the weather predicting rain, Friday the 13th, a full moon and usually a large turn out of

Alcohol Dragsters for the Regional

Race in Lebanon Valley, NY. The weather isn't looking good at all. With

a brand new Dan Page build A/Fuel

Dragster, it needs to make a least

one run down the track to test it out.

Thursdays weather 60% chance, Fridays weather 70% chance of rain.

Not looking good at all




GROVE PA MAY 23 & 24


Second pass was a 5.56@

262mph, just not quick enough to

get into the field. This was the last

ride for the car, that served several

excellant years. The new car will

debut at the next race in Lebanon


First qual pass Dan smoked the tires, so we will have

one more chance at 6PM, to get into the field.

Tough qualifying field,16 Alcohol Dragsters trying to get into

the 8 car field for the second race of

the Lucas Oil Regional series.

05.21.14:: After about 6 weeks off

the team is on their way to the second

Lucas Oil Regional race in Maple Grove

PA. The schedule for the Alcohol cars is Friday the 23rd at 1 and 6 pm. Then

Saturday first round of eliminations will

be at 5-7 and 9pm. For results check

out www.northeastdragrace.com





APRIL 11-13

04.12.14:: Good news, bad news, good news. The team won the Eastern Region

spot to represent the Jegs Allstars in June

at the Route 66 Raceway, Chicago. Bad

news Dan lost first round with a 5.47@263.

The good news that car was very consistent

and didn't smoke the tires all weekend.
Now it needs to be tweaked to go faster

we would like to thank the companies

that support Arthur Gallant Racing





Made into the field. Dan

ran a 5.43@262, right back to where

they were first qual session. The round

one eliminations will be at 3:00pm today.

Check for results at


04.11.14:: The second qualifying pass

wasn't as good as the first. Dan ran a

5.96. A mechanical problem right off

the starting line, a broken piston.

The good news is they are still in the

field and there is one more shot

at it tomorrow morning at 11am.

Looking for some luck!!!

Great run for the first pass

of the weekend. Danny ran a 5.48 @

265mph. They ended up in the 7 position

Next qualifying run will be later today.

We'll see if they can step it up without

smoking the tires.

04.10.14:: We are looking for some

luck this weekend. In the past the team

lax good luck. Just a bit of luck would

go a long way.

The run schedule for the

Alcohol cars at the 4 wide Zmax is Friday 12:15 and 3:45, Sat 11:00am and first

round will be 3:00 pm.



04.05.14:: We had a tire smoking

loss in the first round. It was a great

weekend and we had a lot of fun. Still

figuring out this car with the new A/Fuel

rules. The guys will service the car

and get ready for next weekends

National event in Charlotte NC.

A few showers over night

didn't effect the track. The second

round of qualifying went off on time.

Dan made it down the track running

a 5.46 @261mph. Good job for a test

race. For results check out


We would like to thank again this year

all the companies that have stuck with

Arthur Gallant Racing





04.04.14:: The second qualifying runs

have been postponed until tomorrow

morning at 11:30, due to high winds.

The first qualifying run, Dan shut the car

off. The car had a fuel leak and Rich

McPhillps wouldn't wait and then

he just smoked the tires. For results

check out www.northeastdragrace.com

With so many Alcohol cars entered

for this race and only two shots to

qualify for the 8 spots, the guys are

going to use this race as a test session

for next weeks, ZMax 4 wide in Charlotte.

There are too many factors, the new

A Fuel rules, car count, so testing will

be a good thing.

The guys are starting out

today for the first Regional race of the

2014 season, at Virginia Motro Sports

Park Richmond VA, this weekend. The

Alcohol cars will me running at 1 and

5 today. Check for race results at



04.01.14:: Arthur has hobbled off

to the next race in Richmond Va. Arthur

still has the broken ankle, but it's getting

better. This is going to to be a tough

Regional race. 16 Alcohol Dragsters are

entered to get into the 8 car field. Odds

are not good...



Gainesville Florida

March 13th to 16th.


03.15.14::Well the car got much better,

but it wasn't enough, to get by first

round, Dan ran a 5.43 losing to Duane


The guys did a great job this

weekend, with the broken ankle, crew

guys getting there late because of

weather, the new A-Fuel rules. The guys

will regroup and get ready for a Regional

race in Virginia, April 4th.

We would like to thank the companies

that continue to support

Arthur Gallant Racing





Getting ready for first round,

which will be against Duane Shields, who

has been very consistent this weekend

in the 20's each round.

Wow, Danny did a huge wheel stand

and had to lift. The good news they are

still in the field. They will be back around

4:30pm today for first round eliminations

Check out

www.dragracecental.com for results.

03.14.14:: Dan recovered great after

first round breakage. The car ran a 5.51

@262. That puts them in number 9

position. Next qual round will be at

10am Sat. Hopefully to move up a

few spots.

The guys are ready for the

second qualifying session. Only

problem is Dan will be in the right

lane this session and there seems

to be an issue with that lane, we'll

see how it goes. Check for results on


The first round of Alcohol Funnycars

was pretty good, lets see what the

dragsters do. Well the first pass Dan

aborted the run. Seems that the cam

shaft broke. Arthur will reassemble

the motor and be back at 5pm for

for another try.

Here we go for the first race

of the 2014 season for the team. Every

one is so excited, to see what the new

a-fuel rules bring. It's a cool morning

in Gainesville, the first run will be at

11:15. The tuner is hobbling around

with a cast on, nothing seems to stop

him. Dan just came off of a runner up

with a new Pro Mod he build and the

other guys have been waiting all winter

for this first run. So let's go racing!!!


03.09.14:: The 2013 Eastern Regional

Champions have left snowy, icy, cold

Massachusetts, for the Amalie Auto Plus

Nationals, in Gainesville Florida. Arthur

is just coming off 5 weeks in a cast because

of a broken ankle, that happened in his

own icy driveway. Now he's sporting a

new walking boot for a few weeks. Nothing

stops a true racer from going to the next

race. The Alcohol cars will be running Friday

March 14th at 10:45 am and 4:30 pm.

Saturday at 10 am and first round of

eliminations will be at 4pm. This is the first

chance the guys have with the new A-Fuel

rules. Should be interesting how they do.

there are 21 Alcohol Dragsters entered

for the race, so five cars won't get into

the field.




Auto Plus Nationals

Reading PA

Oct 3-6

10.05.13:: A semi final loss, with a 5.45

against the number one qualifier. It was

a great weekend and a great season. We

would like to thank all the companies that

supported Arthur Gallant Racing for the

2013 season.





WOW what a great second round. Dan

ran a 5.37@268mph. Now it's onto the

semi finals, without lane choice.

10.05.13:: A first round win!! Dan ran a

5.42 @267mph to take the win. Second

round will be Sunday. Hope the weather

conditions stay the same as today.

Great third run, Dan went a 5.38 @264

mph, that puts him in the #4 spot for the

big show. First round will be today at 4pm.

Showers overnight could change the

conditions today, but we are looking

just to stay consistent with the car. Next

run is at 1pm today. So far no tire smoke

which is a very good thing.

10.04.13:: This is it, the last race. The

Alcohol cars will qualify on Friday, at

11:30am and 3:15 pm. Then qualifying

resumes Sat at 1:00pm, with first round

at 4:00pm. For results check out


10.01.13:: The last race of the season.

The weather is looking good for the week

end. The bad news is there are 24 Alcohol

Dragsters entered for the race, that means

8 cars won't qualify/   

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